I had the opportunity to lead art direction and design the 2024 National Accounts Editorial Catalog for Design Collective. The catalog showcases new ready-to-wear custom workwear garments designed by DC's Caroline Bartek & Janet Schoenborn. We shot over two days at the Iron Lab Event Space in Bridgeport Chicago, a historic renovated factory building which provided the perfect location for the industrial settings these garments would most often be worn in. I've included a few of my favorite spreads from the catalog below, but you can view the full digital version here.
Grateful to work with so many talented people to bring this to life—the whole deal wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for:

Photographer — Emil Sinanagic
Stylist — Mia Fortuna
Assistant Stylist — Diana Mikhail
Hair/Makeup — Cammy Kelly
Assistant Photographer — Danny McCullough
Digital Tech — Dom Scaduto
Prop Stylist — Sena Rosenberg
Assistant Prop Stylist — Josh Zeuske
Fashion Design — Caroline Bartek & Janet Schoenborn
Copywriting — Brittany Polk

Model Talent
Cat Stanley
Corey Thomas
Faith Knight
Joe Lindsley
Luke Sandler
Nikki Muffoletto

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