In a 2012 interview with VICE, David Liebe Hart speaks on his childhood abduction by Korendians, his involvement with an insect-alien Bettie Page look-alike and ongoing rejection from the Christian Science Church. David Liebe Hart is a lot of things but probably best known as an actor, musician and puppeteer. You may have seen David Liebe Hart on LA’s "Junior Christian Teaching Bible Lesson Program" or one of his several appearances on Adult Swim’s "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!" but you can also catch him in the flesh intermittently when he takes his act on the road. 
I created this poster in support of Hart's tour stop with Timmy Williams (one of the Whitest Kids U Know) at Omaha's Lookout Lounge. Considering Hart's fascination with alien abductions, I thought it only appropriate to depict him with his cast of characters in the stars.
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